Why stainless steel ball valves are widely used?

Ball valves are mostly spherical in shape and generally have long switches for the user to manipulate the switches of the ball valves. With the development of technology, in addition to manual control of the switch, the current ball valve will be more efficient and convenient through automatic control. Due to its low cost, wide range of use, long life and wear resistance, ball valves are widely used in life, factories and other fields.

So what is the principle of the ball valve, so that it has such a strong advantage?

The ball valve can control the internal partition or communication of the pipe in the pipeline or waterway. It can effectively control the circulation of liquids and gases. It only needs to turn the valve stem gently to control the flow, and the ball valve has good airtightness, so it is very convenient to use.

Second, from its structure. Although the structure of the ball valve is simple, it can perform a good airtight function and can effectively control the opening and closing of the switch. Inside the ball valve, there are two upper and lower bearings connected to the valve stem of the ball valve, so that the ball valve can more sensitively control the switch of the ball valve. There is a sphere inside the ball valve with a small hole in it. By pulling the valve stem, the bearing can be rotated to control the rotation of the ball, thereby quickly controlling the flow of water and gas. As long as the valve stem is gently pulled, it takes only two seconds to close the switch, reducing water flow or gas loss, and saving resources.

On the other hand, from the material of the ball valve. The material of the ball valve is generally made of composite material, and the alloy material made of the ball valve has very strong corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Therefore, the life of a ball valve is very long, and the internal structure of the ball valve is simple and stable, and it is easy to replace, and the maintenance area is also very convenient. The material principle makes the ball valve durable and has a very high use value.

The ball valve’s sphere also embodies its working principle. The spherical surface of the ball valve will be covered with a layer of colloidal film. Whenever the switch needs to be closed, the film will have a very good sealing effect, which can fill the gap between the ball and the valve wall to prevent water leakage. Therefore, the ball valve has very good airtightness.

Because of these working principles, the ball valve will have such a strong advantage. Because of these advantages, the ball valve will enter thousands of households and be widely used.

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