What should be paid attention to when using forged steel valves?

What should we pay attention to when using self-sealing forged steel valves?

  1. Forged steel valves often ignore the problem of grease injection. After the grease gun is refueled, the operator selects the valve and the grease injection method after the low temperature shut-off valve, and then performs the grease filling operation. There are two kinds of conditions for the forged steel gate valve: on the one hand, the amount of grease is less than that of the grease, and the sealing surface is accelerated by the lack of lubricant. On the other hand, excessive fat injection causes waste. There is no accurate calculation of the different valve sealing capacities based on the valve type category. The sealing capacity can be calculated in terms of valve size and type, and a proper amount of grease can be injected reasonably.

2, forged steel gate valves often ignore pressure problems. In the grease injection operation, the grease-loaded regular semi-free float-type steam trap has a peak-to-valley change. The pressure is too low, the seal leaks or the safety valve fails, the pressure is too high, the grease port valve manufacturer is clogged, the seal grease hardens or the seal ring and the valve ball and the valve plate are locked. Usually, when the grease pressure is too low, the injected grease flows into the bottom of the valve cavity, which usually occurs in a small gate valve. The pressure of the grease flow control valve is too high. On the one hand, the grease gate valve is inspected and the grease nozzle is inspected. If the grease remote control float valve hole is blocked, the spring seal is replaced with a wrench. The other plunger valve is a grease. For hardening, use a cleaning solution, repeatedly soften the failed sealing grease, and inject a new grease to replace it. In addition, the sealing type and sealing material also affect the grease filling pressure. Different sealing forms have different grease filling pressures. Generally, the hard sealing grease pressure is higher than the soft sealing.

Forged steel globe valves pay attention to the problem of the valve in the switch position. The ball valve is normally in the open position during maintenance and maintenance. In special cases, the maintenance is turned off. Other valves cannot be discussed in terms of opening. Forged steel shut-off valves must be closed during maintenance to ensure that the grease fills the seal groove along the seal. If it is open, the seal grease will fall directly into the runner or valve cavity, causing waste. When the valve is greased, the problem of grease injection is often ignored. The pressure, grease injection amount and switch position are normal during the grease filling operation. However, in order to ensure the grease filling effect of the valve, it is sometimes necessary to open or close the valve to check the lubrication effect and confirm that the valve ball or the surface of the valve is evenly lubricated.

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