What Is The Structure and Principle of Foot Valve

The Foot Valve is composed of valve body, disc, cover, bushing, sealing ring and other parts. See the water from the water source in the figure below. Under the pressure of the fluid, the disc opens water. When the pressure in the outlet pipe is stopped, the disc closes quickly. The liquid will not pour back to the water source. It plays the role of unimpeded pumping and saving water and energy loss.

The  Foot Valve or Bottom Valve, which is actually a kind of check valve and plays a role in preventing water backflow.

Foot Valve can be divided into plastic Foot Valve and metal Foot Valve according to the material, and can also be divided into ordinary Foot Valve and backwashing water Foot Valve.

Foot Valve are mainly used in mechanical equipment for slurry treatment such as pumps. Usually,Foot Valve are installed at the bottom of underwater suction pipes of pumps to prevent slurry backflow.

Foot  valve is equipped with multiple inlets on the valve cover and screen mesh to reduce the impurity inflow and the blockage probability of the Foot Valve. Although the Foot Valve is equipped with anti-clogging screen mesh, the bottom valve is generally suitable for cleaning media. The Foot Valve is not suitable for medium with excessive viscosity and granularity.

Lifting Performance Specification:

Nominal pressure: PN1.6MPa

Nominal Size: DN15-DN600

Applicable Medium: Water, Oil and Non-corrosive Medium

Flange Standard: ASME b16.5,JIS10K,DIN PN16

Test criteria: API 598

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