What Is The Particularity And Processing Method Of Integral Flange Forged Steel Valve

1. The integral flange forged steel valve is mainly applied to the pipelines of various systems of the thermal power station, cutting or connecting the pipeline medium. Applicable medium: non-corrosive medium such as water and steam. Compared with other valve products, the integral flange forged steel valve is characterized by high temperature and high pressure and unique self-sealing design. The higher the pressure, the more reliable the seal. Due to the special technical characteristics and working conditions, the products also form features that cannot be replaced by other products.

2. Introduce the processing method of integral flange forging steel valve body forging, which is to take the blanking, pre-forging, final forging and trimming in turn. The characteristics are pre-forged initial blank after blanking, which is to forge the outer diameter of the material. It is larger than the outer diameter of the flange on both sides of the valve body, and then the middle portion is flattened, and the thickness of the middle flattening is larger than the outer diameter of the flange in the valve body, and the initial shape is formed to be longer than the length of the flange on both sides of the valve body. The blank (referred to as a blank) is placed in the upper and lower molds for the final forging of the unidirectional die forging after the blanking, and the trimming is performed after the final forging. Further, for small-diameter flange valves, because the flanges on both sides are close to the middle flange, in order to ensure that the unidirectional die forging process is sufficient while simultaneously discharging the waste to the two adjacent flange positions, the edge flange and There is a gap between the upper and lower mold edges between the middle flanges.

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