What Is The Main Structure And Advantages Of Forged Steel Y-Type Strainer

The main structure and advantages of the forged steel Y-type strainer, the forged steel Y-type strainer is a kind of forged and forged parts which are produced by the forging method by screwing or butt welding and socket welding. The quality of forged steel parts is higher than that of steel castings, can withstand large impact forces and high temperature and high pressure, and its plasticity, toughness and other mechanical properties are also higher than cast steel Y-type strainer, so some important machinery and equipment It is best to use a Y-type strainer of forged steel as a filtering device in important and complicated working conditions. This product does not have external leakage caused by handling collision and casting sand holes.

The forged steel Y-type strainer adopts a bolt-type valve cover. The valve designed according to this design form has a valve body and a valve cover bolted, a wound gasket (made of 304 plus flexible graphite) or a metal ring connection.

Pipes equipped with forged steel Y-type strainer can be divided into intermittent operation and continuous operation during operation. In the case of intermittent operation, a shut-off valve is provided before and after the forged steel strainer to clean the filter. For continuous operation, two sets of filters in parallel are required for the permanent filter, and a shut-off valve is provided before and after the filter (except for the line gap filter)

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