What’s The Different Material A216 WCB And A105

WCB is cast steel, cast carbon steel. Suitable for large diameter medium and low pressure valve

A105 is forged steel, forged carbon steel, suitable for small-size valves or high pressure valves

Both are used as valve body.

However, the overall cost of A105 valve is much higher than the WCB

A216-WCB American Standard material grades, A216 represents the major types of carbon steel

Its commonly used brands are:

A216-WCB / WCA / WCC



The meaning of W is that “weld-welded” represents that the steel has good weldability, and C means “carbon-carbon steel”

ABC basic three brands

A: worst

C: best

B: Medium and common

WCB ordinary cast steel, the maximum temperature of 425 degrees

WC6 / WC9 high temperature cast steel, the maximum temperature of 550 degrees

WCC low temperature cast steel, the lowest temperature -50 degrees

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