STV VALVE Delivery Cast Steel Y Strainer,600LB,Flange End

Body & Flange A216-WCB
Screen / Wire MeshSS316

Body Gasket Spiral Wound, 316 SS Graphite filled

Bolt & Nuts ASTM A193-B7 / A194-2H Xylan fluorocarbon coated

Plug ASTM A105N

Material Certification EN 10204 Type 3.1

fluid Mixture of Oil-Water
System Design Pressure  bar(g)60
System Design Temp. min/max ° C 0 to 80
Max. Permissible Pressure Drop bar(g) 0.2
Max. Pressure Drop Clean   bar(g) VTA
Piping Class CC1 (Note1)
Fluid Flow rate m3 /hr 8-200
Fluid viscosity  sSt 14,51-26,94
Operating Density  kg/m3 871,7-923,1

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