STV Delivery CF8 Flange Foot Valve,PN16,DN300

Stainless steel Foot valves are widely used in water treatment equipment, chemical equipment, petrochemical equipment, petroleum equipment, papermaking equipment, mining equipment, power equipment, liquefied gas equipment, food equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, water supply and drainage equipment.

Stainless steel material AISI 304 (CF8). Seat 304 material, gasket PTFE. With manual system to empty. Max. working pressure 16 bar.
The stainless steel foot valve is an energy-saving valve that is typically installed at the bottom of the pump’s underwater suction tube. Restrict the return of liquid from the water pump tube to the water source, and it can only function as an inaccessible. There are a lot of water inlets and ribs on the bonnet, which is not easy to block, and is mainly used in the pumping pipeline. The role of waterways and supports. The calibers are single-lobed, double-lobed, and multi-lobed. Under the pressure of the fluid, the valve flap opens the water. When the pressure in the outlet pipe is quickly closed after the stop, the liquid will not be returned to the water source, which will serve as a smooth pumping and save water energy loss.

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