Lift Check Valve,2500LB,WCB Body,DN125,Weld End

Lift Check valve,Class 2500 (pressure 200-250 bar) temp 200 degree C, hot water 180bar

Both ends butt weld, Size: DN 125, WCB

One is the introduction of ANSI B 16.34 and JIS follow the standard of E 101,The temperature and pressure level follow is consistent, in some pipeline there is a kind of exchange relation. In the middle of the valve cover junction valve pressure, has good sealing performance under high temperature and high pressure conditions. There are two kinds of self sealing materials: one is the low carbon steel, the other is a flexible graphite wire clip 316 (net). The sealing surface surfacing cobalt base hard alloy. The processed pure metal layer is larger than 3 mm, with wear-resistant, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, long service life.

The implementation of standards:

1 design and manufacture and acceptance according to the provisions of ANSI B 16.34 API 6D thermal power valve standard E 101  standard.
2, the length of the structure according to E 101, ANSI B 16.10  standard regulations or according to user requirements.
3, the pressure – temperature rating according to the provisions of E 101, API 598  standard.
4, the welding groove size according to ASME B 16.25 ANSI B 16.25 standard regulations or according to the user requirements size.
Structural characteristics:
1, the valve integral quenching, and can move on the body, medium back, by medium pressure and automatic valve valve spring.
2, valve body, valve cover for die forging.
3, the valve seat sealing surface using cobalt based alloy plasma spray welding surface. Abrasion resistance, good anti abrasion performance.

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