Introduction of operation after installation of stainless steel valve

Stainless steel valves refer to valves made of stainless steel. Stainless steel valves are used in the industry: food biscuit industry, instant noodles and rice noodle industry, various quick-frozen food dewatering line equipment, and glass products industry. So how do stainless steel valves work?

Opening and closing of the valve: The stainless steel valve is the most widely used valve. Its hand wheel or handle is designed according to ordinary manpower, considering the strength of the sealing surface and the necessary closing force. Therefore, you cannot use long levers or long wrenches to move. Some people are accustomed to using the wrench, should pay careful attention, do not use too much force, otherwise it is easy to damage the sealing surface, or the plate breaks the hand wheel, handle. When opening and closing the valve, the force should be stable and not impact. Some components of high-pressure valves that have been opened and closed by impact have been considered such that the impact force cannot be equal to that of a general valve. For steam valves, pre-heating should be carried out before opening, and condensed water should be removed. When opening, it should be as gentle as possible to avoid water hammer. When the valve is fully open, the handwheel should be reversed a little to make the threads tightly tight to avoid loose damage.

For open-end valves, keep in mind the position of the stem when fully open and fully closed to avoid hitting the top dead center when fully open. And it is easy to check whether it is normal when fully closed. If the valve is detached or a large debris is embedded between the valve plug seals, the position of the valve stem will change when fully closed.

Some media, after the valve is closed, cool, the valve member shrinks, the operator should close again at the appropriate time, so that the sealing surface does not leave a slit, otherwise, the medium flows through the slit at a high speed, it is easy to erode the sealing surface. .

When the stainless steel valve is operated, if it is found that the operation is too laborious, the reason should be analyzed. If the packing is too tight, it can be loosened properly. If the valve stem is skewed, the person should be notified to repair it. In some cases, when the valve is closed, the closing member is heated and expanded, which makes opening difficult. If it must be opened at this time, the bonnet thread can be loosened by half a turn to one turn, the stem stress is eliminated, and then the hand wheel is driven.

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