How to choose the stainless steel valve

  1. Care must be taken when selecting a suitable stainless steel valve. In order to avoid ambiguity, you should have an understanding of stainless steel valves;
         2, the requirements of the characteristics need to look at the flow resistance, discharge capacity, flow characteristics, sealing level and other information is how;
         3. For the reliability and service life of the product, it is necessary to ask in detail;
         4. If the chemical composition of the stainless steel valve does not meet the corresponding national standards, it does not need to be purchased and selected;
         5. Because stainless steel valves are manual, electric, pneumatic, etc., it is necessary to clarify how the operation mode is;
         6, when buying, you must choose a good after-sales service

Stainless steel valves are widely used in pipeline installations in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, food, shipbuilding, medical, environmental protection and other industrial sectors. They have the ability to resist atmospheric oxidation, ie, rust, and also contain acid. The ability of the alkali, salt medium to resist corrosion, that is, corrosion resistance.

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