Ball Valves vs Gate Valves,Which is best for you?

In the market, the valve products are more. Generally, there are many ball valves and gate valves. For those who want to buy two products, they will know what kind of use and function and the difference between the two before buying. How to choose good quality ball valve and gate valve. For this reason, I have summarized some knowledge about ball valves and gate valves. Just tell you the difference between a ball valve and a gate valve? What should you pay attention to when using the gate valve?

1, gate valve

The advantages of the gate valve are small resistance, tight shut-off, and no water hammer, which are widely used in various liquid and gas shut-off valves. It also has a certain adjustment function, but when it is partially opened, the shutter is easily wetted by the fluid, and when the fluid flows, it will cause the board to vibrate and the sealing surface is easy to wear.
The gate valve is one of the commonly used shut-off valves. It is mainly used to turn on or off the medium in the pipeline, and is not suitable for regulating the flow of the medium. The valve is suitable for a wide range of pressures, temperatures and calibers, especially for medium and large diameter pipes.

2, the ball valve

(1) The ball valve has a simple structure, the ball valve is lighter in weight than the gate valve, the structure is relatively simple, and the overall weight is very light, so it can exert a good effect in the low temperature medium system; the sealing surface is easy to process, and the sealing property is good. Easy to operate, quick switch, short start-up and shut-down time, can quickly optimize the test system, and no impact during valve start-up and shutdown.

(2) It can not be used to adjust the flow rate. It is suitable for high pressure (up to 320 gauge) pipelines. Currently, it can only be used below 200 °C due to the limitation of sealing materials. It can also be used for suspensions and viscosities. Medium. Moreover, its adjustment performance is worse than the shut-off valve, especially the pneumatic valve (or electric valve).

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