Stv Valve Technology Group CO., LTD is a China Valve Manufacturer which was built up in 2003. We focus on Ball Valve,Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Check Valve and Butterfly Valve,we have the professional sales and service team started the business in valves from then on and has expanded the markets to Europe, South America and Asia. but we keep firmly working to increase our commercial range to be present in the entire world.

Our goal is to offer our customers an all encompassing and professional service starting with the initial consultation up to after-sales services.

We understand the importance of stable product quality and fast delivery, so we put a lot of effort into controlling whether our product design meets the requirements of our customers. whether our product orders can be completed on time, over the years, with our constant feedback To customers and efficient communication to make customers trust us more, we have been providing support to customers on many projects. This is our goal of constant struggle

Why Choose us?

1. We Are Factory

2. Low MOQ: We are always ready for providing the sample and producing some small orders, in order to meet the business well

3. OEM Accepted: We can make the products with the client’s demand standard or the custom requirement.

4. Complete Service: We are always ready to hear from you, be responding to your enquiry immediately. Our trade manager is always online for you.

5. Good Quality: We have strict quality control system and amounts of testing equipments for different kind of valve, such as size, pressure, working environment etc. We are winning the market reputation with the time goes by.

6. Quick Delivery: We have the large stock for some hot products.

7. Competitive Prices:We are the manufacturing company which not only has our own manufacturing workshop, but the casting company as well. We provide the straight factory price and service to our customer.

8. 100% QC inspection Before Shipment

Our service

First, the pre-sale service:

To achieve the top technology and sales services, allowing users to purchase each have a service experience.

① Before the procurement of product technology communication and exchange, take the initiative to give advice.

② in the choice of product model to consider whether the lowest cost of maximizing industrial and mining efficiency.

③ can not meet the requirements of industrial and mining, according to the special requirements of customers, designers reasonable arrangements to improve.

Second, the sale of services:

Respect each user; Give users a relaxed, rest assured the overall value of services.

① cost-effective: than the price, quality, service, reflect whether there is no place.

② strictly in accordance with the relevant standards and technical requirements for valve testing and testing.

③ in the process of cooperation, in accordance with the contract, quality and quantity on time delivery, at any time to maintain contact with the user.

④ During the production period, relevant technicians may come to our company for product supervision and inspection. At the same time, our company will provide the structure drawings and detailed documentation of the products to make supervision documents.

⑤ on a special industrial and mining or custom-made products, professional and technical personnel can consult the site guidance.

⑥ my company in the phone before the product model, caliber, number, number of confirmed.

Third, after-sales service:

First-class service to create first-class enterprise so that customers worry-free.

① According to the contract to provide product certification, production license, inspection reports, installation instructions.

② Customers in the process of acceptance of the product, if there is inconsistency with the contract requirements, I received the Division within two hours after the notice given to customers.

③ Division I provide 12 months of product warranty period, time from acceptance date of calculation.

④ In the correct installation and use of the product quality problems, the company will be responsible for in the end.

Warranty replacement promise:

① In the normal storage, installation, maintenance, use conditions, due to product quality problems can not be used normally, to provide three guarantees four packages: quality, quantity, timely protection, repair, replacement, return, package loss.

② When receiving the feedback of quality information, it will put forward the handling suggestion within 24 hours and reach the site within 100 hours for handling.

③ According to user needs to provide spare parts, spare parts and installation, commissioning and maintenance services.